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Everything and anything to do with brand promotions on cable channels – that sums up our service commitment. But we are quite finicky about selecting the channels where we believe you should have a presence. The fact is, not all cable channels are made equal. We only work with what in the industry is called Standard Channels. They attract maximum viewership by virtue of their premium content, audio-visual quality etc. By advertising in sub standard fly-by-night cable channels you not only end up losing money you would bring down your brand value.

, Thandarampattu Cable TV Ad Agency – Tiruvannamalai

We provide best quality advertisements at the lowest possible rate without compromising on the quality.

We provide services like Live TV Ad Monitoring to help you through the process of timing and positioning of your television advertisement.

We do not publish cost of advertising on Local Cable TV Channels for the advertisement since Local Cable TV Channels advertising rates in India through us is highly negotiable.

, Thandarampattu Cable TV Ad Agency – Tiruvannamalai

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